Best part of today was getting to visit a local
bookstore while my kids attended art classes nearby. I am always overwhelmed by how little I know and how much there is to learn when I’m inside a bookstore. It is harder to find time to read now that I’m a mom times 3, but I also know that’s an excuse, because I’m totally capable of putting my phone down and use that time to read, right?! 🤓

Traveling in Suzhou

Currently traveling in Suzhou, a city you might’ve heard of from the book #crazyrichasians!? It’s dubbed “Venice of the East” 🛶 Half of Suzhou is very modern and advanced, where no one even carries around credit card anymore. While the other half preserves the quiet splendor from ancient dynasties. Both buzzing with well dressed (it’s rare to see T-shirt and shorts on the street) people coming and going, working hard to build families and chase dreams. Having lived in the US for most of my life and learning about China through the American lens, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I visit, at just how beautiful and peaceful China actually is. That’s the fun in traveling isn’t it, fresh new perspectives and a much deeper understanding of others’ cultures.

About Me

Hi there, my name is Rachel, last name is pronounced “she”. I am a mom of 3, brand new to the microblogging world. I was encouraged by a few girlfriends to give blogging a try because I enjoy taking beautiful photos and writing, so here I am! I hope to write about family, travels, lifestyle and health through this platform. I thought about names like Xi is fierce, or brave, or loving, but I decided it’s best to just be me, which encompasses more than what any single adjective could describe.