Motherhood and a Masters degree, can you have both?

Absolutely, but it takes a lot of determination and hard work. Before the news of Matthew McConaughey becoming the newest professor at my alma mater UT Austin make you want to go back to school, perhaps hearing my experience of getting a Masters while raising kids can help you make a more informed decision! (For those without kids who are reading this, you will learn what it’s like to pursue higher education with children!)

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Magical Monday

I know moms are supposed to want to spend every waking moment with their kids because time goes by too quickly and they’re growing up way too fast right?! Well after 3 kids, a fun, amazing but also sleep-deprived weekend, Monday feels Magical because big sisters are in school and I just have one kid for the next 7 hours! 👸🏻 (<- me feeling like a queen haha)
To keep the realness going, I totally just took this outside of my gym and not some beautiful Disney park ✨ No mom guilt as I’m saying this – So Happy it’s Monday and my big kids are in school! Thank you teachers for doing what you do so my kids are safe, happy and learning while I’m getting a break and can be a better mom when I pick up in the afternoon! Have a Magical Monday y’all! ✨ You can find me sparkling in Lori’s dance class in a bit! TTFN!

My 3 Babies

For the longest time she did not like the baby, who made her a “middle child” overnight. I wasn’t expecting that since my oldest is very sweet and loves being the big sister. We were sad, but continued to give her lots of love and attention, making sure she is never overlooked for being the middle one. It makes my heart SO HAPPY to see her loving him more everyday! I hope the 3 of them stay best friends like they are now, so much love, giggles and joy to be together, without a worry in the world ❤️❤️❤️

Learning to Say NO

I wrote this at 3:30 this morning, while holding my sick and fussy baby who has been waking up every hour for the 3rd night now. He’ll be fine, either teething or has a minor cold, but him waking up means I wake up with him, and sometimes it’s hard to go back to sleep.

I’m learning in this season of life that every yes I say to others is a no I say to my husband and children, and to my health sometimes.

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Boba and Childbirth

The Birth Stories of My 3 Babies

I shared a boba tea with this pretty lady last night, talked about anything and everything, including childbirth, the topic she and every woman who hasn’t gone through it feel uneasy about. She said she will definitely go for the epidural when the time comes. When I shared my opting for natural births all 3 times, she was shocked and asked why I was willing to go through that much pain.

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Le Petit Prince

We had a Disney themed wedding, where our first dance was choreographed to HSM 3’s Can I Have This Dance. My girls always had Disney birthday parties – Frozen, Minnie Mouse and Sophia the First. I didn’t keep my son’s bday celebration in line with Disney, but I’ll still write about it, because I’m not a professional blogger who has a very specific niche yet and I started this only a month ago, so…I’ll roll with wherever my creative outlet takes me, because this is my blog and I’m drunk with power muahahahaha. Ok yes that line was inspired by Lauren Graham.

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I Want Candy

No sweeter way to end this summer than a visit to Candytopia! Yes you really do get to eat candies as you explore and play inside, exhibit A by my lovely Ava 😆 Swipe right to see my girls’ epic celebration with confetti! 🎉

Girl Stop Apologizing

I do eat whatever I want. I do love my boba teas. But I ALSO get my sweat on almost daily!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️ Honestly it’s about developing good habits so I don’t even consciously think about working out or eating my vegetables, I just do and love it and it’s a part of my everyday routine. I made some people upset when they found out I have stayed the same size since high school, even postpartum, and I often tried to come up with excuses to make myself look not as healthy as I strived to be. Why? Why do I need to make myself small to maybe please someone else? When I should be so darn proud of myself for working hard, developing good habits and trying to stay healthy! On that note, I have also learned that if your “friend” can’t be happy for you, she is not a real friend. I want to be a good role model for my daughters, and that includes accepting and loving myself for exactly who I am, all my strengths and weaknesses!

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