Mulan is finally coming out!

Truth be told, I’m excited but also NERVOUS about the live-action remake of Mulan coming out on Disney Plus today!

Mulan to me was a real Chinese heroine, whose life I had known since I was a toddler. The Ballad of Mulan was the longest Chinese poem I ever memorized since I was 5, taught stanza by stanza by my patient father who cared about me knowing my culture. Mulan represents the kind of family loyalty and self-discipline that are true to Chinese culture.

Why am I nervous? Because I value representation of Asian/Asian American culture in American media, and I have seen and heard enough to know it’s not well represented, though getting much better in recent years! The book series and movie @crazyrichasians were a big deal in the Asian American community for this reason.

I absolutely loved the original Disney version of Mulan and can sing Reflection and I’ll Make a Man Out of You in my sleep. A part of me worries if the live-action remake (which doesn’t seem to be a musical) can live up to the original. Judging from the trailers, the feel and age appropriateness for this movie are different from the animated version, and the price tag Disney has attached to it to be viewed now instead of waiting until December when it’s available to everyone makes me wonder how many people will pay for it and whether or not they’d think it’s worth $30 to be streamed.

I have known 刘亦菲(@yifei_cc) since I was in grade school. She is a Chinese American like me, and we are the same age. I think she is beautiful, talented, and I value her representation in American films. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t care for her acting or the scandals she has caused in the Chinese community.

With all this said, I’m still excited for @mulan, and I plan to watch it as long as I can convince my husband this weekend. What about you? I’m crossing my fingers hoping this movie is good and will make Asian Americans proud!

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  1. I realize I want to read and know a bit of the history of the Ballad of Mulan first, before I watch the live action version.

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