Mulan is finally coming out!

Truth be told, I’m excited but also NERVOUS about the live-action remake of Mulan coming out on Disney Plus today!

Mulan to me was a real Chinese heroine, whose life I had known since I was a toddler. The Ballad of Mulan was the longest Chinese poem I ever memorized since I was 5, taught stanza by stanza by my patient father who cared about me knowing my culture. Mulan represents the kind of family loyalty and self-discipline that are true to Chinese culture.

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Personality Tests

Love Language

What is your love language? Would it be words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, quality time or acts of service?

Myers Briggs Personality Test

I loved getting to know myself more through this test. I’ve taken it 3 times, once in freshmen year of college, once in senior year, and once as a newlywed. They have pretty detailed analysis for you, and you can read on your personality type a lot through different free online resources.


This one I linked is free, but you can take a much more detailed and probably more accurate paid one elsewhere. I took both the free and paid, the free told me I’m a 3, the paid one told me I’m mostly 1, but closely followed by 3, and a bunch of other details.

The Four Tendencies Quiz

How do I respond to expectations?

Which house in Hogwarts are you in?

I finally took this one! I always wanted to be in Gryffindor and assumed I’m a Hufflepuff. But my test result from this test clearly shows I’d be sorted to Ravenclaw! It says – “Your personality shows a high degree of work ethic and humility, which are valued among members of Ravenclaw House.” Pretty accurate! description, guess I’m not as sweet and dedicated of a Hufflepuff as I thought I was haha.

Which Disney princess are you?

Tips for Traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland with Kids

Two weeks after visiting the great grandparents in Shanghai and finally experiencing the magic at Shanghai Disneyland, we packed up our suitcases and 3 little ones, and flew to Hong Kong to visit my in-laws and more Disney magic at Hong Kong Disneyland!

This was my first time in Hong Kong, and boy was I surprised at just how densely populated but also really beautiful this island is! A little bit of history about Hong Kong – it is part of China but is governed separately, and it has its own economic system. Hong Kong was colonized by the British Empire for 100 years before it was returned to China in 1997. Because of that, a lot of people in Hong Kong speak English and Mandarin, while Cantonese is spoken by everyone.

TIPS for traveling with kids to Hong Kong Disneyland –

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Tips for traveling to Shanghai Disneyland with Kids

There are 6 Disney parks around the world if you didn’t know already – 2 are in the US, 3 are in Asia and 1 is in Europe –

  1. Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida)
  2. Disneyland (Anaheim, California)
  3. Shanghai Disneyland (Shanghai, China)
  4. Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong, China)
  5. Paris Disneyland (Paris, France)
  6. Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo, Japan)
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Tips for Traveling to Charleston with Family

We recently traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for our Thanksgiving vacation. We were grateful my parents could come with (one of the many perks for being young parents – the grandparents are young too and can travel with and help out!), and we celebrated baby Warren turning 2! A lot of our friends asked why we picked Charleston over, say Disneyland, or a more popular tourist destination like New York City, Chicago or Seattle. Here are some of my reasons:

Cody and I at Boon Hall Plantation
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True Self Care

Self care is such a trendy topic right now. For every 5 mom posts I see, there is 1 about self care and how important it is to take time for ourselves in order to be better moms. While that’s true, a friend shared another perspective with me recently that changed how I view self care. In a nutshell –

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May Your Tea be Strong

May your tea be stronger than your children (swipe to see my middle making goggle eyes, her current signature move 🤦🏻‍♀️), and you get all your Christmas shopping done this weekend while everything is on sale! I got so many cute things at amazing prices for my family and friends last night, continuing today!

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