Summer Learning with Osmo: With a sprinkle of Disney Magic

As a former high school teacher and now full-time mama of 3, learning doesn’t stop for us in the summer, and I love witnessing my kids’ enthusiasm for learning and seeing them grow in wisdom. This summer, I have discovered a remarkable educational tool that combines the wonders of technology and timeless magic of Disney, that I have to share with y’all!

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Find Your People

A few months ago through a God-given opportunity, I joined my old women’s ministry for a study on a book I had been wanting to read since it came out – Find Your People by Jennie Allen – Building Deep Community in a Lonely World.

Right after I finished the study, I took a mother-son trip with my friend Sandy and our 4 year old boys to Disney World, where I brough this book with me.
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Mourning the Loss of a Relationship

“It’s normal to feel down every once in a while. Without the hard times, how would we know when we’re in the good times?” – Inside Out

This year has taught me a lot so far, and I have mourned losses I didn’t know I’d have. I have been quiet for a while processing more of the grief in my heart, and I’m grateful to be at a much better place after a few months of feeling hurt, and my heart is full again, filled up by the mercy and wisdom of God, love, and affirmations from my husband and friends, and the sweet cuddles of my children who laugh at the silliest of things; How they inspire me to laugh without fear of the future.

My new Instagram profile pic, courtesy of Kate Yu Photography @kilakateyu
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Supermom CBD

About Me – a Natural and Holistic Mama

Before I dive into my thoughts on CBD, allow me to give you a bit of background information about me. I rarely drink. have never smoked anything, and I don’t even know where to get drugs (nor will I allow that into my system). Our medicine cabinet is filled with supplements like multivitamins and probiotics, as well as Young Living essential oils. As you can see, I try to be a natural and holistic mama, especially in a world where there is increased and unexplained illnesses and infertilities. I’m a better-safe-than-sorry kind of gal, and I was even determined to birth my children without epidural (though not all successful).

Photo cannot be used without permission
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Disney’s Holiday and 50th Anniversary Treats

It’s almost Christmas Adam! Get it? Since Adam came before Eve 😇

I wanted to share some of our favorite holiday and 50th anniversary treats we got the past few days! 🍭 It was hard not to want to eat everything at Disney because they were all so beautifully made and delicious! Good thing I walked about 25,000 steps a day in the parks, so…bring on the treats 😋🎄🍭

Holiday and 50th Anniversary treats pictured in this post –

1. Red velvet wreath cupcake (Gasparilla Island Grill inside Grand Floridian)
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Mulan is finally coming out!

Truth be told, I’m excited but also NERVOUS about the live-action remake of Mulan coming out on Disney Plus today!

Mulan to me was a real Chinese heroine, whose life I had known since I was a toddler. The Ballad of Mulan was the longest Chinese poem I ever memorized since I was 5, taught stanza by stanza by my patient father who cared about me knowing my culture. Mulan represents the kind of family loyalty and self-discipline that are true to Chinese culture.

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Personality Tests

Love Language

What is your love language? Would it be words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, quality time or acts of service?

Myers Briggs Personality Test

I loved getting to know myself more through this test. I’ve taken it 3 times, once in freshmen year of college, once in senior year, and once as a newlywed. They have pretty detailed analysis for you, and you can read on your personality type a lot through different free online resources.


This one I linked is free, but you can take a much more detailed and probably more accurate paid one elsewhere. I took both the free and paid, the free told me I’m a 3, the paid one told me I’m mostly 1, but closely followed by 3, and a bunch of other details.

The Four Tendencies Quiz

How do I respond to expectations?

Which house in Hogwarts are you in?

I finally took this one! I always wanted to be in Gryffindor and assumed I’m a Hufflepuff. But my test result from this test clearly shows I’d be sorted to Ravenclaw! It says – “Your personality shows a high degree of work ethic and humility, which are valued among members of Ravenclaw House.” Pretty accurate! description, guess I’m not as sweet and dedicated of a Hufflepuff as I thought I was haha.

Which Disney princess are you?