Summer Learning with Osmo: With a sprinkle of Disney Magic

As a former high school teacher and now full-time mama of 3, learning doesn’t stop for us in the summer, and I love witnessing my kids’ enthusiasm for learning and seeing them grow in wisdom. This summer, I have discovered a remarkable educational tool that combines the wonders of technology and timeless magic of Disney, that I have to share with y’all!

In a world where technology advances faster than I can master them myself, I’m very careful with screen time for my kids and none of them have their own devices. With that said, I do feel good about letting my kids use iPad and having screen time while learning with Osmo, where they actively participate in solving problems, completing activities, and receiving instant feedback too. Each page of every magical workbook is thoughtfully designed to be visually appealing and creative in its Disney storytelling, ensuring that my kids are engaged and excited to explore more.

By incorporating beloved Disney characters and stories into the curriculum, Osmo sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning in children from a young age. Whether it’s exploring the world of math with Mickey Mouse or embarking on a vocabulary adventure with Elsa and Anna, learning grammar with Woody or analyzing speed with Lightning McQueen, Osmo turns learning into a fun adventure.

Additionally, Osmo provides detailed progress reports, which allows me to track my kids’ development and identify areas where additional support may be needed. As a parent, I appreciate the real-time feedback provided by Osmo, where every check mark my child places on their book shows up on the app to be evaluated right away, and I can track their progress, review their achievements, and gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

In a world where technology continues to evolve, Osmo Byju’s Learning with Disney has reimagined the way children learn, offering them a top-of-the-class educational experience designed by curriculum experts. With its perfect blend of education and entertainment, interactive and personalized approach, a focus on skill development and critical thinking, I truly love how Osmo fosters a lifelong love for learning, and helps to bridge the summer with continuous learning to get them ready for the next school year! 

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