To my beautiful middle child

To my beautiful middle child – I heard birth order affects the growth of each child, but I brushed it aside, thinking I was more than capable of showering each child with an equal amount of attention and love, and raise them, by the grace of God, into amazing adults. After all, I got my Masters from Rice right? Joking! (It’s an inside joke between my husband and I when we do things that make us look uneducated, like him using a small bath toy to fill my diffuser last night that took him 8 trips from the bathroom sink 😑) I’m human, and as much as I try my best, I fail constantly.

I want you to know how much I see you, love you, and cherish the fact that I get to be YOUR mommy! You’re so beautiful inside and out. You have a big heart, a kind soul, and the sweet yet stubbornness that makes you uniquely you.

My super soft and dreamy dress is from @shoppinkblush! They also make the most comfy and stylish maternity wear!

Research shows that middle children may feel the most distance from parents than their siblings. I am determined to avoid this, and I will go on as many mother-daughter dates, play with you at home, and have as many photos with JUST you as I can, to show you that you’re not just sandwiched in the middle, but you’re blessed to live the full family life by being in the middle, and your mother (the person writing this) loves more than you’ll ever know 💕

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