Milktea Monday #2

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian neighbors, and No-School I mean Columbus Day for all the parents here in America! Welcome to my 2nd edition of Milktea Monday, featuring one of my FAVORITE tea places ever – Feng Cha! 🍵
Feng Cha in Chinese means serving tea with great respect and esteem, and this place lives up to its name! Some reasons I absolutely LOVE Feng Cha –

1. They use the best ingredients! Such as carefully selected fresh tea leaves, quality milk and fresh fruits.

2. They are the MOST environmentally conscious tea bar I have been to! They have a choice between paper and plastic straws, and you can bring your cleaned plastic cup back to recycle for 5% discount!

3. They not only have delicious and refreshing drinks, but also the best milk foam cakes that are so soft and heavenly. Never heard of it? Me neither until I came to Feng Cha, so good!

My go-to orders at Feng Cha –
1. Dirty boba (the dirty refers to the brown sugar used), it is SOOO good! They use a torch to fire it up like a creme brûlée at the too, yum! I normally ask for half sugar and ice. My kids love this one too!

2. A favorite tea I want (usually Jasmine green or Oolong) with their famous milk foam (like sea salt or cheese!) on top! If you’ve never had milk foam before, they are kind to let you have a sample! You can sip the foam and drink tea (the cup is specially designed so you can do that!) or shake it up and enjoy.

3. Strawberry breeze is like a refreshing slushie but way better than any slushie you have had!

4. My mom loves their fruit teas, so I tried summer melon, dragon fruit and citrus lord with her, all great, and I recommend minimal added sugar for these.

5. Sea salt pearl foam cake or strawberry milk foam cake, sooooo good! 🍰

I know I know, this almost sounds like a Yelp Review, but what do you expect from a foodie who has been a Yelp Elite for 6 straight years? 😆

Again, my post is not sponsored by anyone other than my desire to share my love for these drinks and tips on how to order them!


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