BrickLive Houston

Coming to us all the way from Europe, BrickLive is now open in Houston until April 30th, 2022! It is located in the Railway Heights Market, and is a family friendly exhibit your kids will enjoy visiting and learning from.

life-size brick-built giraffe outside of the exhibit at Railway Heights Market, Houston, TX
life-size brick-built panda
life-size brick-built tiger

Before you walk into the exhibit, there is a photo spot for kids like this, completely built by bricks as well! Tickets are $7 for kids, $12 for adults, and free for kids 3 and under.

There are over 25 life-size built-brick animals to see, each meticulously and cleverly built, with information on number of bricks used, builders needed and hours spent, and weight displayed on the side. My kids were so amazed that the life sized elephant took 1,600 hours to build with 5 builders and 149,071 bricks! What a feat!

backdrops for photos outside the exhibit, love this Lion King inspired one

I got to talking with the manager at the exhibit, and she told me details on how some of them were built, just amazing! They are hopefully getting a TV screen to show visitors footages on how these animals are built in the near future too! In the mean time, you can find a youtube vidoe here to see glimpses of how these animals are built!

marveling at the life-sized panda built by bricks!

Did you notice the beautiful backgrounds for the animals? They are painted by local artists and are just stunning!

Her favorite was the dolphin!
His favorite was the shark!
Her favorite was the polar bear!

At the end of the tour, there is an area for kids to build with their own imagination! Mine tried building ships and alligators in the swamp!

pretending to be like the brick baby pandas
I feel like Anna from Frozen
as close as I will ever get to a leopard

An added bonus for visiting BrickLive is that it’s located in the Railway Heights Market. After the kids tired themselves out with seeing all the animals and building some for themsleves, we headed next door to the market with a ton of eateries and shops. They loved the mac n cheese with a twist and ramen, as well as the plant shops.

For more information and tickets, visit here!

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