Bye Disney Hong Kong

Disney World Florida ✅
Disneyland Anaheim ✅
Disney Cruise ✅
Disneyland Shanghai ✅
Disneyland Hong Kong ✅
Bye Disney Hong Kong! We will miss this view waking up in the morning! This hotel reminds me of the Grand Floridian ✨Hong Kong is surrounded by oceans and beautiful mountains covered in lush green trees, just beautiful! Next stop, visiting the grandparents in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 .

No Castle

I will share about our Shanghai Disneyland trip soon for comparisons (spoiler alert: BEST, biggest and most beautiful Disney castle ever!) 💕 .
Today was our last day in Hong Kong Disneyland, presenting you the beautiful but castle-less…Aurora’s Castle 😆😱😔 .
Though slightly bummed about no castle, my girls still really enjoyed the park, met princesses and talked to every one of them enthusiastically (sang with Moana, asked Snow White how she felt when she ate the apple etc), did their favorite Small World and Toy Story rides, ate Mickey shaped everything, and my oldest who is tall enough, got to experience the Hyperspace Mountain the Grizzly Gulch rollercoasters too! .
I must say though, I loved Shanghai Disneyland more despite the much shorter lines in Hong Kong. This was a fun experience overall! Will share more later! 😉

Disney Parents

One of the coolest things about becoming a parent is becoming a kid again!!! I had only been to Disneyland once before I became a mom, Disney just wasn’t a big deal for my parents. As a mom however, I got to go on Disney vacations 5 times already! 🥰🥰🥰

Hong Kong Disneyland

Guess what? There is no castle at Hong Kong Disneyland until 2020! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I totally didn’t expect that, and was kinda bummed not to have a family photo in front of each Disney Castle around the world now. Hubby joked we should get one in front of the sad wrapped up castle under construction anyways, since it would be recording Disney history in the making! 😆
Our experience so far – Not only is Hong Kong Disneyland the smallest Disney theme park we’ve visited, it’s the least crowded one, which is awesome!!! Most of the rides have a 10-15 minute wait, the Cinderella Carousel was only a 5 minute wait, and my kids’ favorite Small World ride was 30 minutes due to it being hot in the afternoon and people wanting to go indoors. That was considered the longest wait! We didn’t even bother using our fast passes! 😱
We got to watch the amazing Lion King show, did lots of fun rides with kids with minimal wait, and ended the night with delicious food and Disney parade. 20,000 steps easy, and another magical day with my littles in the books! 🥰
The beautiful red polka dot dresses my girls are wearing are by the talented mama from @peyperkids!!!