On to the ALCS!

Way to go Astros!! On to the ALCS! The last time I was cheering at the Minute Maid Park, they still had the giant Mickey Mouse in orange Astros jersey outside of the squeeze play area.

According to my super fan friend @jathree, each MLB team has a Mickey Mouse statue gifted by the Los Angeles Angels when they hosted the All-Star game. The original Mickey to Houston Astros was actually wearing the red and white jersey, before it was painted orange later on when they got the new uniform color scheme.

Thanks Joe for the fun MLB Mickey Mouse facts! ⚾️ #letsgostros


My love for Mulan

I don’t know how many Disney Princesses are based on real historical figures, but I know Mulan is. I could recite the Ballad of Mulan, the longest poem I ever memorized, in Chinese since I was 6 years old. Thanks dad for teaching me every challenging word and line with such patience. 📚 I still know it really well to this day and have even performed it at a college event. I grew up hearing and learning about the heroic story of Mulan, which makes it very personal to me.
For that reason Mulan will always be my favorite princess, but I also look up to and love many of the other princesses like Belle and Rapunzel. Is there a Disney princess who you relate to or mean something personal to you?

Magical Monday

I know moms are supposed to want to spend every waking moment with their kids because time goes by too quickly and they’re growing up way too fast right?! Well after 3 kids, a fun, amazing but also sleep-deprived weekend, Monday feels Magical because big sisters are in school and I just have one kid for the next 7 hours! 👸🏻 (<- me feeling like a queen haha)
To keep the realness going, I totally just took this outside of my gym and not some beautiful Disney park ✨ No mom guilt as I’m saying this – So Happy it’s Monday and my big kids are in school! Thank you teachers for doing what you do so my kids are safe, happy and learning while I’m getting a break and can be a better mom when I pick up in the afternoon! Have a Magical Monday y’all! ✨ You can find me sparkling in Lori’s dance class in a bit! TTFN!

Oh I Just Can’t Wait to be King

Do you or your kids have a favorite animal? Mine are definitely loving the giraffes right now! There is no Disneyland in Texas, but that doesn’t stop us from finding Disney magic wherever we go 😉✨ After a whole morning with the kiddos at the zoo, I can’t get Circle of Life out of my head right now! We loved feeding the giraffes, seeing dinosaurs come alive, and the kids excitedly spotting all the animals they saw from The Lion King!
From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the suuuuuuun ☀️🦒🐘🦌🦓🐆 #everydaydisneymagic#houstonzoo

Princess Cinderella

Is she not the cutest Cinderella you’ve ever seen? 🥺😂 This was taken on my first Disney trip as a mom. I had no idea what to expect and was surprised my daughter didn’t want to go up to any characters or princesses. Now that I have 3 I learned not all kids have as much separation anxiety – my youngest absolutely LOVES all the characters and have no fear of interacting with them at all. I also learned that either way is PERFECTLY FINE! Each kid is unique and precious. There is no need to compare them, best to just love and embrace them for exactly who God made them to be 🥰

Shanghai Disneyland

Between Hong Kong and Shanghai, I definitely LOVED Shanghai Disneyland more! One of the reasons is Shanghai having the tallest/biggest, and in my opinion the most beautiful Disney Castle (while HK has no castle at the moment) in the world! Seeing the sparkles in my kids’ eyes at Disney, and EVERY time we talk about it definitely made the 15 hour flight worth it 😍✨
It’s called the Storybook Enchanted Castle, and it has so much magic to offer! Inside the castle we had an enchanted storytelling experience, where the fairytale stories came to life. The staircases leading up to “Once Upon a Time” had all the princesses lined up on the wall carved in stone. We met Rapunzel and Cinderella at the castle, enjoyed dinner with Aurora and the Disney Junior characters, went on a voyage to the Crystal Grotto, and loved the beautiful firework at night.
The Enchanted Storybook Castle in pic 5 is made of @swarovski diamonds, and goes for almost 2 million RMB 😱 It IS beautiful though! This is our favorite Disney castle experience to date out of the four we’ve been to, highly recommend it! Although the stories are told in Mandarin Chinese in “Once Upon a Time”, which made it a super unique and awesome experience.