Real Chinese Food

One of the things I will miss so much going back to the states is authentic Chinese food! Once you have lived in China for a while like a local, you will know why Panda Express is NOT considered Chinese food (um you can’t even find fortune cookies in China!).
Sharing a few of my favorite dishes! (I didn’t take enough pics, too busy eating 😆) Everything is always prepared beautifully and delectably, using fresh, local ingredients and seasoned to perfection. Some of my favorites include #桂花糖藕#十三香小龙虾#鸡头米炒虾仁#上汤小笼包,fruits like #杨梅#水蜜桃#山竹awwww I’m drooling! The only “gross” thing I really enjoy eating is frog legs, they are so good in Nanjing hotpot!

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