Magical Monday

I know moms are supposed to want to spend every waking moment with their kids because time goes by too quickly and they’re growing up way too fast right?! Well after 3 kids, a fun, amazing but also sleep-deprived weekend, Monday feels Magical because big sisters are in school and I just have one kid for the next 7 hours! 👸🏻 (<- me feeling like a queen haha)
To keep the realness going, I totally just took this outside of my gym and not some beautiful Disney park ✨ No mom guilt as I’m saying this – So Happy it’s Monday and my big kids are in school! Thank you teachers for doing what you do so my kids are safe, happy and learning while I’m getting a break and can be a better mom when I pick up in the afternoon! Have a Magical Monday y’all! ✨ You can find me sparkling in Lori’s dance class in a bit! TTFN!

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