Milktea Monday #1

It’s Milktea Monday! Yes I made that up haha. I also made up the word Bobaly if you haven’t noticed. Hi there, I’m a millennial mom of 3 who love Disney and have a sweet tooth for boba teas. Yup that’s how I got BobalyEverAfter. I know, so deep 😄

I had quite a few real life and Instagram friends who asked me about these teas and how to order them, because let’s face it, if you have never been to a boba tea bar (equivalent to Starbucks for coffee) it can be a little daunting to see the menu. So I will be sharing some tips on my Milktea Monday’s, hope my fellow tea drinkers find it useful 😘 Nope totally not sponsored in any way in case you’re wondering.

When it comes to bobas, I have to say I love Kung Fu Tea’s bobas the best! ☕️They marinate their bobas in honey and make them fresh every 3-4 hours to ensure the highest quality bobas 😋 What are bobas you ask? They are also known as tapioca balls and are made from tapioca starch. I love them because they’re sweet and chewy, so if you like mochi or sticky rice, you’ll probably like bobas too. Not all bobas are the same, and KFT has some of the best bobas I can find around.

My favorite drinks to get at King Fu Tea are –

1. Mango Green Tea with aloe vera jelly or mango jelly, half sugar and ice. I normally go for half sugar or less to be sugar conscious, especially when bobas are delicious like what KFT offers!

2. Chai Milk or Matcha Milk with KFT bobas, half sugar and ice. I’ve been choosing drinks made with fresh milk almost always, which is why these are my go to milk teas at KFT.

Hope this helps! Happy Monday! 💕 I’m not a coffee person but I love my teas 🍵

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