Strong is the New Sexy

Remember that scene from Mean Girls where the plastics and Cady were in front of the mirror being unnecessarily self critical of their physical features? We’ve all done it, and that mindset robs the joy out of our actually pretty awesome lives! This “perfect” picture of me and my friend in Barre was the 6th and only picture taken that angled us in a way to make us look taller and thinner than we actually are, because I wished to have longer legs all of my life but have to accept the fact that I’m shorter than everyone in my family (including both parents) and will forever be 5’2”. My 1st grader is already a stronger believer than her mama, reminding me that God made us PERFECT the way we are ❤️

Beautiful women come in ALL colors, sizes and ages. What matters is that we work hard to be STRONGER THAN we were YESTERDAY!!! (Cue @britneyspears)
I may be short, but I make sure I jump high when @lorifraze says jump, squat low when @mzcable says squat, and always give my 100%. This body did not look like this after childbirth. I WORKED FOR IT!!! I didn’t get a lot of my to-do list checked off this week, but I’m so proud of myself for finishing this week strong with En Barre and Zumba, two of my favorite fitness classes ever!

What’s your favorite way to stay active?

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