Since this is my 44th post on Instagram, I want to share about tetraphobia and why when we took our kids to Hong Kong this summer, we couldn’t find floor numbers with 4’s in them! (Swipe to see elevator buttons)

The word 4 is pronounced very similarly to the word death in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, which makes people who speak these languages superstitious and uneasy with the number 4. Who would want to live on a floor that is pronounced death?! It’s supposedly a much bigger fear than the Western culture’s triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13).
Interesting fact – China chose to host the 2018 Olympics over 2014 just because of tetraphobia! Numbers like 6 and 8 are very lucky! I believe in God, and I know tetraphobia is just superstition. But growing up in this mixed Chinese and American culture at home, I can’t help but still try to skip it for important things in life 🙈 Like our house number has an 8 in it, but no 4. Do you have any irrational fear? Maybe of certain numbers or animals or natural phenomena?
The princess picture and dance video are from our stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. I will write a blog post about our experience in Hong Kong Disneyland soon!

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