First Day of School – 1st Grade and Pre-K

I’m not a fan of good-byes, but I love hellos!! 💕 After a whole summer of quality time with 3 kids, I was very much prepared for this morning, didn’t cry or get emotional (which might also be because everyone around me was tears-eyed).

Elaine is officially old enough to want a real job when she grows up, and I’m cherishing the 4-year-old still wanting to be a Princess or Minnie Mouse. As for the baby, he is living his best magical baby life with mama at home, often dressed like this (his own fashion choice!) and toddling around with his dragon tail behind ✨ I don’t discourage him, knowing just how quickly this all goes by.
Both girls had a great day at school, and Elaine was even checking on her little sister at lunch “to make sure she ate her broccoli” 🥦 This is the first time they are in the same school, just the best! As an only child, I know I always wanted a sibling to grow up with and share school and life with. They are so lucky to have each other! 💕 Elaine is in the same class as her best friends this year, and both girls have incredible teachers! So yeah, we got lucky, and I’m not crying 😊 I probably will when the year ends though!
Praying for a safe, joyful, love and wisdom filled new school year for all of our children! 🙏❤️ 📚

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