Girlfriends ❤️

When I was a little girl, I sincerely believed my best friend from 1st grade would be my best friend for life. I’m learning now that some friendships fade over the years, while new ones form and blossom. Cue For Good from #wickedthemusical! 🎼

This weekend I got to celebrate with several people I have grown to LOVE over recent years. I won’t put you in the same post because you’re each so special to me!

This is dedicated to my gorgeous friend @sharonnicole! Happy Happy Birthday Sharon! You’re so beautiful on the inside and out! I love our shared love of God, Disney and everything bright and happy. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and I pray our friendship will continue to blossom like our Lilly dress patterns for years to come! 😆 If I lose a few pounds by next week will you pack me in your suitcase to Disneyland with you??? 🤪 So excited for your 1st Disney trip as a family of 4! Can’t wait to follow along! ❤️

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