National Daughters Day and much much more?!

I finally got around to my phone late last night, and realized I missed a National Daughters Day which I had not heard of. Oh well there seems to be a National day for literally everything 😆 Honestly though if you have a daughter or a stepdaughter or are a daughter yourself, isn’t everyday National Daughters Day? But I get it, there is so much to be celebrated about in our chaotically beautiful world, and these days help to shift our focus slightly to celebrate the little things or big relationships in our lives. 🎉

Humans have so many needs, the needs for love, peace of mind, healthy relationships, joy that needs to be literally fought for, but most importantly for God! I haven’t prioritized God as much as I should lately, until the chaos in my life got to me and I realized how much I need Him. I’m blessed with sisters in Christ who have been there to remind me of that this week, so grateful for you all! This is a reminder for myself mainly, but if it nudges you in any way too, great! 💕

Turn to God in prayer. Tell Him what’s on your mind. God wants to give us the peace of mind we crave but can NOT get from this world. Philippians 3:8 says that “Everything else is worthless compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” My goal today is to remember this as I go through the 10 different scheduled things on my calendar and the long list of to-dos. I will run into a lot of people, I will be challenged to get my mess together and show the best side of me. Life will always be busy, but nothing is too big or crazy for our God! As I’m getting ready to face this new day and trying to finish my thoughts with my baby crying in the crib right now, I’m going to cling on to God and know I’m loved, accepted, valued by Him. I hope you will too! ❤️

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