Toy Story 4 Reflection

We finally took the girls to watch Toy Story 4! The meanings behind the subplots were more profound than meet the eyes, but I doubt my kids understood them. Overall I loved the heartwarming story filled with themes of friendship, loyalty, courage, teamwork and empathy.

While there were scenes with the ventriloquist dummies that were scary (Having previewed as much as I could, I expected that and covered my 4 year old’s eyes through most of those scenes), the overall story was very nicely knit together, with twists and turns I didn’t expect. Gabby Gabby truly made an impression on me, more than the new character Forky. It came down to her feelings of loneliness and rejection from the world for who she is (disabled since “birth”) which made it so real and relatable. Overall the movie had so many wonderful parts where teamwork, loyalty and friendship were emphasized, while also incorporating the realistic, insecure, fearful and yearning-for-love sides of human nature.
ANYWAYS! That was probably too much analysis for a kid’s movie, but that’s just who I am. Since our little cowboy Andy was too young to go, he got to eat Toy Story themed ice cream afterwards for being so good at nana’s house! We got both flavors and they were both delicious! 🍨 Being the chocoholic I am, I’m biased toward the chocolate peanut butter one!
Has anyone else seen the movie? What did you think?

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